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Maloca Cozy Slipper


Crafted in the purest natural Peruvian alpaca and blended with highland sheeps wool, the Maloca Alpaca slippers will pamper your feet in comfort. Danish inspired design with clean lines and ethically sourced, the insulating yet breathable wool and alpaca blend molds to the unique shape of your foot and is moister wicking to keep your feet warm, happy and dry.

These high quality slippers are completely hand made with a needle-felted upper and a rubber sole which will keep them looking a feeling great for years to come.


The following are US sizes. We recommend measuring your foot with a ruler as well to be certain that you're getting the right size. The inch measurement is from the back of your heel to your big toe (or the inside length of the slipper).

*When selecting size for purchase, please use the Women's sizes:

 Women  Men  Inches (inside footbed of slipper)
7 6 9.4 inches
8 7 9 3/4 inches
9 8 10 inches
10 9 10 1/4 inches
11 10 10 1/2 inches
12 11 10 3/4 inches
13 12 11 inches


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