Maloca Alpaca Felted Alpaca and Highland Sheeps Wool Shoe Insert


Keep your feet extra comfy and warm this cold season with our hand-made, needle-felted shoe insert/insole. These inserts are made with 40% alpaca wool and 60% fine Peruvian highland sheeps wool keeping your feet toasty and warm in any type of shoe or boot. 

Alpaca fiber has microscopic air pockets which make is super insulating yet moisture wicking and breathable. Our shoe inserts are a smart investment and/or the perfect gift for anyone on your list! 

*If unsure about size, it's best to get a larger size as they can be cut smaller with a scissors.

*When selecting size for purchase, please use the Women's sizes:

 Women  Men  Inches from heel to toe
7 6 9.4 inches
8 7 9 3/4 inches
9 8 10 inches
10 9 10 1/4 inches
11 10 10 1/2 inches
12 11 10 3/4 inches
13 12 11 inches
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