Maloca Alpaca 100% Pure Baby Alpaca Classic Scarf

Light Grey
  • 100% Premium baby alpaca wool scarf
  • Warmer and stronger then sheep wool
  • Completely hypoallergenic - won't itch the skin
  • Ethically sourced and exceptionally well made using the finest Alpaca fiber
  • Naturally resists dirt and moths
  • Size: 180cm x 30cm

The Maloca 100% baby alpaca wool scarf is made of the highest quality, pure baby alpaca wool, Ethically sourced in Peru, and made for Maloca. These are the ultimate scarves for hitting the streets on chilly days and feeling super cozy and warm.

Alpaca fiber has microscopic air pockets that make it super light yet extremely insulating, keeping your body warm and dry in any type of cool or cold climate. Alpaca wool is also completely hypoallergenic so you'll never feel itchy or irritated by this incredible fabric and it's natural resistance to dirt, liquids, and moths which will keep it in great shape for years!

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