Pure Alpaca Comforter/Duvet


The perfect duvet that acts as a comforter or a duvet insert (can be used with or without a duvet cover)! The Maloca Alpaca Duvet is a pure-alpaca fiber filled duvet with a 600 thread count pima cotton shell. Created without any harsh chemicals or dyes and completely hypoallergenic. Alpaca fiber contains microscopic air pockets which make it incredibly insulating while still wicking away moisture and allowing full breathability.

-Alpaca is warmer and stronger than wool, the perfect blanket for all seasons!
-Fully hypoallergenic and resistant to moths and dust mites!
-Nicely weighted and incredibly cozy with or without a duvet cover
-600 count Pima cotton shell feels incredible on the skin
-Fully breathable and moisture wicking while insulating the body’s
natural temperature
-made from well-loved, happy animals that must be shorn on a
regular basis to maintain a healthy coat, our alpaca fiber is good for
-The perfect alternative to down- cruelty free, alpaca fiber from small alpaca farmers

Our duvet is sourced in a fully conscious and sustainable way ensuring proper treatment of the animals and fair wages/healthy working conditions for all involved in the production of these beautiful duvets. These incredible duvets are the absolute perfect solution for keeping you warm and cozy in any climate!

Sizes are:

Twin: 140 cm x 210 cm, 55" x 83" inches
Queen: 230 cm x 225 cm, 90" x 88" inches
King: 260 cm x 225 cm, 102" x 88" inches

Cleaning: Dry cleaned infrequently to maintain loft and minimize shrinkage. Please do not machine wash

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